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Englishtown, other than having the best flea market in New Jersey, is a borough located in western Monmouth County. ┬áLake Weamaconk runs through the southern edge of Englishtown leading to many underground water ways and veins. And due to the huge population explosion since the 90’s (over 40% increase) this an area with a moderately high risk for mold.

Many homes undergo fast tracking. Contractors aren’t building to code, cheap materials are being used to repair homes, homeowners are outright ignoring serious safety hazards… so please, don’t overlook mold just because you want to believe it isn’t a problem.

What is so interesting about mold in Englishtown homes, is that mold colonies love to establish in the darkest areas of the home.

This is because mold does not need sunlight to grow. In fact, mold is unlike most living organisms. This is because sunlight kills off the most dangerous forms of mold. So if you’re outside typically you don’t have much to worry about. Mold can ventilate and disperse into the air plus the most dangerous strains get killed off relatively fast. Yet inside a home this process does not occur. What winds up happening is that the most toxic strains of mold find their way into tight, dark and hard to reach areas of your home.

Because of this a good mold remediation company will generally tell you to stay away from any mold.

It behaves in ways that are very counterintuitive to what you’d expect. For instance, if you smell mold and believe that it is growing underneath your floors, then you decide to lift up a floor plate…. you can wind up in dire circumstances. If you’re wondering why, it’s basically the same as kicking a mushroom on your lawn. When fungi feels threatened (exposure to light, air pressure changes, etc) it instinctively triggers a survival mechanism where it releases not only spores, but can also release potentially biohazardous & volatile organic compounds. These compounds are usually just called mold toxins. What they really are are carcinogenic cancer causing, immune compromising compounds. Not all of them, but the worst of them.

What most people don’t even realize about mold is that mold toxins have been used in war. One specific toxin derived naturally from mold is 50 times stronger than saran gas. We don’t say this to scare you but to educate at the expense of avoiding serious safety problems.

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