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Fair Haven is a wealthy and luxurious borough located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The northern edge of Fairhaven traverses the Navesink River with some very beautiful properties out looking the water. Like many areas in New Jersey that are located by the water this region is at high risk for flooding, mold remediation and foundation problems.

Established in April of 1912 this is a fairly young area in New Jersey. Generally speaking, newer areas are not as susceptible to mold growth as older communities are. However, it only takes about 20 to 40 years for a home to deteriorate and because of Fair Haven’ts close location to the water this exponentially raises the risk of mold growth. If you are a homeowner and you smell or think that mold is growing in your home is very important that you familiarize yourself with certain facts.

First, the mold remediation industry as a whole does not have any governmental regulations in Fair Haven or the entire state of New Jersey.

The medical and scientific communities agree that mold poses serious health and safety risks for homeowners. The problem is that every company has their own unique way of treating mold.

For instance, there are many companies these days who use dry ice blasting as a way of dealing with mold. But dry ice blasting is very expensive, it costs the consumer more and it does nothing at all to stop mold from growing back. This is why we don’t recommend dry ice blasting for mold. You just wind up paying a lot of money for someone to come into your home and spray your house with carbon dioxide and 90% of these companies do not employee any practices to stop the mold from growing back.

Then there is fogging. This is another new and unproven technique that is used for remediating mold. The people who use this technique will tell you that it’s safe and effective the same way any doctor will tell you that a new medicine that was just released on the market is safe and effective. You really need to take these people’s advice with a grain of salt.

Fogging can never be safe because of the nature of how it works. Contrary to popular belief you cannot just kill mold with bleach or hydrogen peroxide vapors. You might be able to kill it in your shower but for the type of mold that causes problems in homes (rhizoid mold) – fogging is neither safe or effective for. This is because the chemicals are extremely diluted and air. So they have to be that much more concentrated had any effect whatsoever. And many companies who employ this method do not even quarantine your home. So again you wind up paying a lot of money for something that will reduce the level of mold spores in the air but is not a complete, safe and effective method for permanently remediating mold.

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