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Forked River is a non-established area in New Jersey. It is technically considered a sense this designated place and it’s a small community located in Ocean County, New Jersey. This area of New Jersey is located right by the Forked River and has an enormous amount of smaller rivers, dozens of creeks, Brooks and streams running through the community. Do to its history and its unique geography this makes this area highly prone to mold growth.

If you are a homeowner in Forked River and you are reading this article, chances are you think you have a mold problem. Or maybe you’re trying to buy a home in this area and the agent told you that the property is contaminated with mold.

What is important to realize about mold remediation is that there is a right way to do it in a wrong way to do it.

And the sad reality is most companies are not properly trained to do mold remediation the proper way. This is why it’s so important for you to do your research, evaluate reviews online, we suggest you go as far as doing background searches on the owner of the company that you decide to work for.

There are two main types of mold remediation companies that serve Forked River, New Jersey.

First, there are companies you got into this industry just to make money. Then there are companies who got into this because they have a genuine concern and compassion for both the environment and people who are unaware of the health hazards that mold can pose.

Many companies can put on a good image online but you won’t really be able to judge their integrity or intent until they come out to your house.

Or at minimum, until you talk to them on the phone. Our mold inspectors are trained to ask lots of questions, to focus on your problem, and to not pitch anything to our customers. We absolutely despise high-pressure sales tactics and our job is merely to educate you the best we possibly can.

We are fully committed to earning your respect if you have any questions about mold remediation, testing how to set up a free mold inspection then just give us a call! You can contact our senior inspector Randy at: 908-601-1307

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