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Interlaken is a borough located within Monmouth County, New Jersey. This area is almost completely surrounded by water on three different sides. Which makes it a haven for high humidity during the summers, mold contamination, flooding in all sorts of problems.

If you think you have a mold problem, it would be smart to contact a mold remediation company.

Most companies provide free mold inspections and the few who don’t we suggest you stay away from.

Generally speaking, a mold inspector can come out your home within 48 to 72 hours.

However, not all mold inspectors are the same.

Not all companies are the same. Some will come into your home trying to sell you unnecessary mold testing and other companies will try to sell you outrageously expensive systems you don’t even need. So as of the mold inspectors performing his job you need to perform your job and inspect him.

This is what a mold inspector should do. The first thing they need to do is watch out for any red flags. A red flag is defined as any situation, condition, or cause that is favorable for mold growth. This could include visible mold growth, a home that has a history of water intrusion, or a circumstance where the inspector senses musty odors and the Interlaken homeowner states they have mold related health symptoms.

Once a red flag is found and identified, the source that is causing it (“it” usually being the mold) should be identified as well.

If this is not done properly then the company will only be treating symptoms of the problem and not the main problem itself.

Depending on what is found inside your home the mold assessor may or may not decide to collect samples. However, this is where things get a bit sticky. Since companies make money off of mold testing they have incentive to over recommend or oversell it in situations where it’s really not needed. In this is one thing that really separates our companies from all other Interlaken mold companies. We do not view our job as a business. Although we are a well established business we approach mold like a nonprofit organization would. If your home does not need mold testing we will properly inform you of this. We will not exaggerate or try to scare you into doing things that other companies might try doing. The reason we take our reputation so seriously is because we are in this for the long term.

We realize that providing an honest, genuine and affordable service, we realize that satisfying our customers in the long run will make us more money than anything. Because trust is something you can’t really put a price on. When that trust is built, might we have tried so hard to do since this company began, that’s when businesses do very well, home owners get honest and affordable services, and both parties mutually benefit. That is the exact type of business we run here. We will never leave a home unless a customer is smiling and 100% satisfied with the work we did.

So if you live in Interlaken, New Jersey and you have any questions about mold remediation, mold testing or how to set up a mold inspection just give us a call!

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