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Island Heights is a borough that is located within ocean County, New Jersey. It is quite this scenic area located north of Toms River. Another thing that makes this area unique is the fact that it is almost completely surrounded by water. There is just a small piece of land to the Northwest that branches out to Highway 37. But other than that small strip of land the entire area is surrounded with water.

This is why this region and many other regions in New Jersey got hit so hard by hurricane Sandy.

If you believe you might have mold growing in your home one of the strongest tools you can use our your own human senses.

Human senses are an extremely valuable tool in revealing mold conditions that can promote mold growth in your Island Heights home. Our five senses, smell, touch, taste, hear, and site can be used by you the homeowner as well as the inspector.

If you smell any musty odors, that might be a sign that you have mold. If you get this sensation of a metallic taste in your mouth this is a very common sign of mold. Why? Well, if you have ever been on antibiotics you will know that antibiotics make things taste like metal. Is a side effect many people get. Now, most antibiotics come from mold. So if you taste metal in your mouth while inside your home this could be a red flag that you have mold. You can also touch the surfaces in your home to see if they are damp, moist or wet. Since mold loves moisture this is a great sign that you have an environment conducive to mold growth.

If you’re experiencing any kind of health problems this is another sign that you might be dealing with mold.

Some of the most common symptoms include: allergies, asthma, lethargy, headaches, lung infections, immune compromised health disorders, and the list is so long it would take pages just to list them all.

Once you have done a brief assessment of yourself then you can move on to calling a proper mold inspector. Mold inspectors with years of experience are extremely good at identifying mold without any expensive equipment. However, due to the nature of mold being microscopic the best circumstance is a combination of both experience and the knowledge to use the right tools.

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