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Keansburg is a borough located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Established in April of 1917 this is a relatively young area in New Jersey. However, because of several factors such as hurricane Sandy, the economy, homes being fast tracked and its location right by the water, it is fairly vulnerable to mold growth.

Periodic and seasonal moisture sources can be more difficult to detect if the conditions in your home are not present during the initial mold inspection.

This means that you may need to consider conditions that did not exist at the time of the mold inspection. When moisture moves inside a home it has multiple routes of transportation. Some of the most common routes include: gravity and pressure differences in waterflow, penetration of moisture into porous surfaces, capillary suction, water vapor moving within the air, vapor pressure disturbances and differences that are caused by water evaporation in water diffusion and many other factors.

Here are some other factors that can cause mold to grow inside your Keansburg home.

Gravity in liquid flow could be a pipe that is leaking inside your bathroom in drifting down into your basement carpeting. It could also be water penetrating your foundation bricks and saturating the sub floors of your basement. It could be crack age in your roof that commonly happens during winter and leads to mold growth during the summer. Then there is also drywall or sheet rock which act like a sponge absorbing large amounts of water which accumulates water vapor behind your walls. The main point is that there are so many different ways mold can establish colonies within your Keansburg home.

A properly trained mold inspector should be able to identify any potential problems in your home

Problems such as plumbing, ventilation, rain and grading problems, moisture build up within cavities as well as persistent condensation. All five of these sources can cause mold to grow, can cause symptoms of toxic mold exposure and can greatly devalue the price of your home.

It is always a smart idea whether you need mold testing or remediation to make sure you are working with a certified company. Do not just get one estimate from any company and then go want to sign a contract. Andy yes, to be clear – we are recommending that you call our competitors. We know the systems and techniques that our competitors use for mold remediation which makes us confident that you will come back and eventually use us if you need any work done.

It’s normal to have more questions about your home so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can answer any question you might have about mold testing or remediation in your Keansburg home… and rest assured that you are dealing with the best! To get in touch with our team feel free to call the number at the top of our website or just shoot us an email.