Mold Removal Atlantic County NJ

Looking for mold removal in Atlantic County NJ? Then you’ve come to the right place! MMRG offers mold remediation, removal & testing in all of Atlantic County. Water or moisture problems can trigger mold to grow. And mold should not be treated until all water problems are fixed. Atlantic County is close to the Jersey Shore, making it a vulnerable location for mold growth. Many homes were built over 50 yrs ago. The combination of older wooden frames, close to the water, can cause mold or water problems.

Mold Inspections Atlantic County NJ

A mold inspection should be the first thing that’s done in your Atlantic County home. And it should be done before any mold is remediated. A free mold inspection can tell you important facts. Like how much moisture is in your walls. What is the wettest area of your home? Maybe the problem is your ventilation system. If a mold inspection isn’t done first, then it’s impossible to figure out what to do. Every mold problem will manifest differently in each Atlantic County home. So it’s important to send in a mold inspector who knows what he or she is doing.

Basement Waterproofing Atlantic County NJ

A leaky basement is one of the common problems that leads to mold growth. If your basement gets flooded when it rains, then you might need a water management system. This is done by installing pipes around the perimeter of your basement. These pipes connect to a sump pump. And this system quickly redirects water away from your foundation avoiding a flooded basement. Sometimes, basement waterproofing might be all your Atlantic County home really needs. It’s possible that just controlling this issue will stop mold growth permanently. But it really depends on the problem. The mold inspector can inspect your basement as he’s looking for mold. And can tell you exactly what needs to be done!