Mold Removal Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for mold removal or remediation in Bergen County NJ? MMRG has proudly been serving NJ for over 20 yrs. We offer mold removal, testing & inspections to all of Bergen County. Recognizing & assessing mold can sometimes seem like a complex problem. There are millions of strains of mold. And each strain can cause their own set of health problems. This is why it’s important to contact a professional mold company in Bergen County, NJ. A certified company can test your mold. They can asses how dangerous it is & how it needs to be removed. If mold removal needs to be done, we can talk to your local insurance company in Bergen County. Though we should warn you that not all insurance companies cover mold removal. It will depend usually on what caused the problem & how recently it happened.

Mold Testing & Inspections Bergen County NJ

A mold inspection in your Bergen County home will tell you if the mold needs to be tested. This is the first step of the process. First a thorough mold inspection is done. If the inspector finds a mold colony, he may recommend mold testing. Then the results of mold testing will determine if mold removal should be performed for your home in Bergen County. Since mold can have toxic health effects this is very important. Mold problems weren’t treated as seriously as they are now. Insurance & construction companies can now be sued if mold testing isn’t done. Especially if Bergen County residents wind up getting sick. Mold that grows indoors means your air is contaminated. It can be dangerous. This is why Bergen County NJ homeowners must get a mold inspection if they see or suspect a problem.

Basement Waterproofing Bergen County NJ

If your home has developed a leak, then you might need basement waterproofing in Bergen County, NJ. During the winter, snow & water will freeze. Then it will thaw. Then refreeze over & over in your Bergen County home. Over time, this process leads to wear & tear. Small holes open, and water begins to flood your basement. The longer this goes on, the wider the holes get. The more likely that your foundation walls can start to crack. The only way to fix this is to call a basement waterproofing company in Bergen County, NJ. Sometimes you just need foundation repair. Other times you will need a complete water management system. An honest inspector will inspect everything. Then let you know what needs to be done & if your Bergen County home needs basement waterproofing.