Mold Removal Burlington County NJ

MMRG offers mold removal in all of Burlington County NJ. We also do mold inspections, testing & remediation. Homes in Burlington County are exposed to mold for various reasons. But one common reason is that over 20 miles of land in Burlington is covered by water. This puts homes close to water. And it makes them vulnerable to mold growth. Mold removal is a process that usually begins with the first on-site mold inspection. And this will tell you if mold remediation needs to be done in your Burlington County NJ home. Mold is not linked directly or specifically to health problems. But specific strains of mold are. This means the mold in your Burlington County home could be harmless. Or it may pose serious problems. The only way to know is to contact a professional mold remediation company in Burlington. And MMRG has been serving this area more than 20 yrs, so give us a call!

Mold Inspections & Testing Burlington County NJ

If you need a mold inspection, or mold testing in Burlington County feel free to reach out. This is a large county in NJ with nearly half a million residents. And roughly 2.5% of the land is covered in water. Then there are other areas in Burlington County which border tidal estuaries. When you combine the age, population & geography, this can lead to mold problems. A mold inspection in your Burlington County home will tell you how serious the problem is. And if needed, mold testing can also be done. It depends on how much & what types of mold are growing. Understanding the health impacts of mold-related exposure can seem complex. But MMRG has been doing this a long time. We’re properly trained, licensed & insured. And we can help you understand exactly what’s going on. Though this will depend on the results of mold testing in your Burlington County NJ home.

Basement Waterproofing Burlington County NJ

A wet or flooded basement can be a nightmare! Fortunately, MMRG offers basement waterproofing in all Burlington County NJ. Leaky basement repair is not something anyone can do. It requires specialized training & expertise. A wet basement that does not get repaired, can also cause mold problems. And since 35 million Americans are allergic to mold, you may want to call a basement waterproofing company in Burlington County NJ. The presence of water doesn’t always mean you have a mold problem & vice versa. But it’s important for a basement waterproofing inspector to assess. And we offer this free to all Burlington County NJ homeowners.