Mold Removal Camden County NJ

Looking for mold removal in Camden County NJ? That’s great, you’ve come to the right place! Our business has been providing mold removal in Camden County, New Jersey since 1995. Whether you need mold removal or testing we can help. There can be many reasons why mold is growing in your Camden County home. Whether it’s gutters, siding, shingles or a cracked foundation… MMRG will identify precisely what the problem is. With us you won’t get any high pressure salesmen. All of our mold removal experts are properly trained & certified.

Mold removal in Camden County NJ is fairly common. This is because most of the homes were built over 40 yrs ago. As homes age they tend to develop problems. Water leakage leading to mold is a very common problem. But rest assured, we can treat the problem successfully. We’ve provided mold remediation for many homeowners in Camden County NJ. If you have any questions feel free to call!

Mold Inspections & Testing Camden County NJ

If you see or suspect mold, you may require a mold inspection for your Camden County home. The initial mold inspection will try to identify all the areas that mold is growing. And we will search areas that homeowners don’t have access to. We have tools to search behind walls, under your sub-floors, so if you have a mold problem we will definitely find it. If the mold inspection identifies mold, we may need to perform testing. Mold testing requires that we collect a sample in your Camden County home. Then we will send it to a lab for a small fee. Depending on what the lab says the mold inspector will make recommendations. And we can also talk to your insurance company. If you have any questions about mold inspections or testing in Camden County NJ, just send us a message!

Basement Waterproofing Camden County NJ

Finding water in your basement is never fun. And it could mean that you need basement waterproofing for your Camden County NJ home. The good news is that a water management system adds value to your home. And our warranties are lifetime transferable. So if you ever sell your home the new homeowners will also reap the benefits. Please keep in mind not all basement waterproofing is done the same way. There are french drains, water management systems, exterior waterproofing systems, it’s important to figure out what you need. And this will require a company who is certified. Fortunately MMRG has been doing basement waterproofing in Camden County NJ for more than 2 decades. Our team is honest, ethical and believes in doing quality work for an affordable price.

If you have any questions about mold removal, testing or basement waterproofing in Camden County NJ, please give us a call! Our inspectors are on call 24-7 & are very easy to get a hold of. Which can’t be said for most of our competitors.