Mold Removal Cumberland County NJ

MMRG has been providing mold removal in Cumberland County NJ for more than 20 yrs. If you have a mold problem in your home, it’s important to contact a professional company. Mold remediation isn’t something that anyone can do. It’s fairly dangerous. Many things can go wrong. Insurance companies & contractors have been sued for bad practices. If you are looking for mold removal in Cumberland County please do your research. It’s the responsibility of the mold company to reduce risk. They must assess any health hazards in your home. And develop a plan that is safe for both the company & homeowner. If you have any questions about mold removal in Cumberland County NJ please give us a call!

Mold Inspections & Testing Cumberland County NJ

If you have a mold problem in Cumberland County, you may need a mold inspection. And if the inspector finds a problem, you may also need mold testing. Mold inspectors in Cumberland County NJ are subject to many potential hazards. Even if they’re coming to your home for mold testing, they have to be aware of other problems. Which can include asbestos, lead or water problems.

When a mold inspector comes to your home it’s vital that they follow protocols. Mold must be properly quarantined before mold testing is done. Mold samples must be collected from the right places. And the mold inspector has to also consider the environment. Little things can throw off the results of mold tests in your Cumberland County NJ home. Like collecting a sample when fans are on. Or right after your house was vacuumed and cleaned. Mold inspections must be done by a certified company in Cumberland County. So please do your research before contacting any mold companies.

Basement Waterproofing Cumberland County NJ

Do you need basement waterproofing in Cumberland County NJ? Is your basement getting wet or mold after it rains? A water management system can fix this problem most of the time. And waterproofing your basement will actually extend the life of your foundation too. This is because rain creates thousands of tons of hydrostatic pressure that push in on foundation walls. The more this is allowed to occur, the higher the chance of your foundation bending, bowing or cracking. As your flooded basement gets worse.

Basement waterproofing will relieve this pressure. It will redirect waterflow away from your home. It will stop you from cleaning water everytime it rains. If you think you may need a waterproofing system in Cumberland County, please give us a call! Our inspectors are on standby & ready to answer your questions.