Mold Removal Essex County NJ

MMRG provides mold removal in Essex County NJ for all homeowners. And we prefer the simple, traditional way. We do not recommend that mold removal is done with dry ice blasting. It’s expensive which is factored into the price you pay. It creates micro-fractures on the surface of your walls. And it does nothing to stop mold from growing back. Mold removal needs to be done correctly in your Essex County home. The correct way to kill mold is not with dry ice. This is a gas that will not penetrate far beneath the surface. And though it’s sold as “safe”, it’s as safe as the mold company actually understands what they’re doing. Our company has been providing mold removal in Essex County NJ for more than 20 yrs. We are fully licensed, insured, ESA & IIRC certified.

Mold Inspections & Testing Essex County NJ